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Terminal Market rising trend evident
Posted by:admin Published:2012-8-14 Read:2859Secondary

Cold terminal is connected to the wire in order to facilitate the application , it is actually a sealed plastic inside the insulating sheet metal , both ends of the wire can be inserted into holes , tighten or loosen a screw used , for example two wires , sometimes you need to connect , sometimes they need to disconnect , this matter can connect them with the terminal , and you can disconnect at any time , without having to weld them together or intertwined , it is quick and easy. And is suitable for a large number of interconnected wires in the power industry have a special terminal block , terminal box, above all terminals, single layer , double layer , current , voltage , ordinary, can be broken and so on. A crimp area is to ensure good contact , and to ensure sufficient current through . Its common specifications of all UK series universal terminal blocks can be used to meet EN50019 standard requirements EEXe fields.
Ex- licensed components corresponding certification number can be found under the terminal data , and then smaller wire dimensions are similar to the smaller sister model , which can be accessed 6mm2 conductor cross section larger than the dimensions of the terminal is also optimized . UK terminals must be the same pressure line heater wires correspond to the terminals to prevent short-circuiting due to an accident caused by pressure line . Not tightly sintered ceramic material , similar materials or insulation beads can be used as supplementary insulation or reinforced insulation . The fundamental reason is similar materials , in the firing process , often have voids or bubbles inside the material . If you enter the humid environment, use or storage of materials performance often affected, so if similar materials to be used as additional or reinforced insulation , usually red syrup soaked through testing, analysis, whether tightly sintered . This material is brittle and not because the problem is not brittle brittle is a subjective judgment , generally through the impact test , we may think that it meets the requirements of mechanical strength . Terminals technology has been greatly developed in recent years , the economic recovery in temperatures to restore consumer confidence , and will drive a rebound in end demand , which became the electronic components industry rebound of the key. China high dependence on electronics exports , as the global economy back on growth path, the recovery in exports generally considered in the future there will be greater development. This is due to people's growing demand for terminal equipment , terminal equipment requires more secure , more stable and more efficient. Which for many traditional mechanical system has been unable to meet , it is required to use the electronic control , the electronic control terminals need to improve the level of technology .
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